Trevilley Farm

Turkeys & Geese


We rear our own free-range bronze turkeys and free-range geese for Christmas - we get them in as day old chicks. They have been given every possible comfort with free access to indoor shelter and the outdoors.

The bronze turkeys are notable for their fullness of flavour and their succulence! They are hung for two weeks to help achieve their delicious flavour. 
Our turkeys are dry plucked and the geese are wet plucked by hand for a superior finish.

We strongly advise you book one as early as possible to ensure that you get the size you require. 
We can do rolls, breast rolls and crowns as well as whole birds.

 Turkey Size Guide
We generally recommend 1 - 2lb per person for whole birds; nearer 2lb if you want leftovers.

Goose Size Guide
Allow approximately 2lb per person for the smaller geese. Ie. A 10-11lb goose will typically feed around 5 people.
Allow approximately 1.5lb per person for the larger geese. Ie. 15-16lb goose will typically feed approx 10 people. 

or by phone: 01637 872 310
or by email:

The turkeys and the geese are available fresh in the run-up to Christmas and approximately until new year. 
Outside of this period, our turkeys and geese are frozen and available for purchase.

We supply local restaurants and hotels. To discuss WHOLESALE SUPPLY - PLEASE CONTACT US.


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For delivery throughout the UK, the Newquay area or for collection from the shop.

Staying Locally?

We will personally deliver Trevilley Farm produce to your accomodation whilst you are here or for your arrival!

The Perfect Venue

We have a field that we let for marquee events such as weddings. The view is gorgeous and we can even cater for the event! A day to remember for sure!