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Multi Bird Roasts

You can now order some of our most popular multi bird roasts from our online shop! (click here)

We are very proud of our multi bird roasts - they are certain to provide the centrepiece for an unforgettable Christmas dinner!

Traditionally, all the birds are boned, then placed inside the largest bird in layers and sewn up. However, this means that only the lucky few getting the middle slices of the roll get to taste every bird.
At Trevilley Farm we bone the outer bird - normally turkey or goose - and then bone and piece the smaller birds, placing them the whole length of the roll - ensuring that everyone gets to taste all the different birds within. An absolute treat and half the fun is guessing what meat you are eating!

Our Multi Bird Rolls are all made using the finest locally sourced birds:
The geese are free range and reared on Trevilley Farm
The turkeys are free range bronze and reared on Trevilley Farm.
The chicken is free range from a Cornish farm.
The duck is from Cornish farms.
The pheasant and partridge is wild from the Trewithen Estate. 

We do not mass produce 'set' rolls - we make each multi bird roll to order.

You can choose any combination and size from the following birds:
turkey, goose, chicken, duck, pheasant and partridge.

Want to add stuffing?
Choose from:
Lemon & Thyme
Sage & Onion

Multi Bird Roast Size Guide: an average serving of cooked meat is approx 250g. Bear in mind that, like any solid piece of meat, its cooked weight will be less than its raw weight, so allow approx 300g per person; more if you would like leftovers.

Contact us to order, for queries or for a quote:
By phone: 01637 872 310
or by email:
(Remember to include what birds you would like included, how many people you wish to feed or what finished weight you want the roll to be.)

Or you can order some of our most popular multi bird roasts from our online shop! (click here)

Click here for our recommended cooking instructions.

Outside of the Christmas period, we can still produce our multi-bird roasts, however, we will have to use frozen geese, turkey and game. Whilst we believe that this does not adversely affect the quality of the roll, it does mean that you will not be able to freeze the roll prior to cooking.

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